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My first post! I know I had waited for so long to post it here. It’s not the guts , but the ‘but’s that stopped me.

I had never thought that my coming out is going to be my first talk here I share with you . But it happened anyway . Yes, I am Gay and I write M/M Romance.

Coming to talk about my little adventure , it’s not much I came out myself . It’s just an incident, much of an accident. And is it affected me?  No. ‘Cause the person who accidentally might have found out that I am ‘I am’, never showed any signs that it would affect him. So I am happy for now, but still cautious about future outcomes.

So this is my my first post and I am glad that I finally found the guts to do it. As you all know and have experienced, we can write anything. Because they are the thought from your magical world. Your mind. But confessions need lots of courage. So be brave and yet be safe.


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An Elegy

Soaked in Tears

Like a bee
Herself drown in nectar
I drenched
Myself in the rain
Soaking the heart’s desires
To the core
—with tears;
More than the drizzle
Pouring from the sky

Never letting others
Witness me
To dwell
On my sorrows, or
Gamble the feelings
To cut through
My emotions
Of losing the one,
The origin of my first breath


Lost Soul

A soul break-down
Where pain became
The only strength
One hold on to
Never to be known
For the definition;
Running along
With this selfish world
Lost the battle
—Only to left
The loved ones
An empty house

My Childhood Swimming pool

In the blink of an eye, a year passed and I have already began this year’s NaPoWriMo and posting my first poem here. Even though this is not the first poem written for the first day, I hope you will enjoy reading it.

As usual Valkyrie, my GA friend, is offering her help to provide the prompts for every day of April. I will be very thankful to her always. She is the core support I always owe to.

And stopping my bluffing here, here is the prompt of the third day: The prompt is to write about a room or rooms you remember from long ago — a kitchen perhaps. The poem will also be about someone who frequented that room. If you are still young, write about a beloved room you always want to remember. 

And for that, I have written about my favorite room in the house. Everyone has their fair love related to a particular room of the house. After reading it, I know you are going to laugh about. But try not to laugh…


A perfect green finishing paint
The smell of the wooden backside
And the squeak of the rusty iron lock
The door to a water world

There stands a steel bar, three feet
To the left front, and to the right
A manger of two feet wide
With water a yard’s deep
A childhood swimming pool

With the splash of water drops
Along the clink of silver mugs
And the slurp of slippery soap
The laughter is always set there
So is the odor of sweaty clothes
The privy fun of a school boy.

COVER REVEAL – Resist and Triumph, A charity anthology, put together by and Edited by Grace R Duncan and Tucker McCallahan

Join and stand up for the right cause.


Carol Pedroso - Author

Today I have a special announcement for you all 🙂

A while back I wrote a short story based on someone being bullied and how they fought back…and won!!!

We finally have a cover and release date!!!

Release date is January 28th, 2018

And here is the pre-order link – 

All profits from the sale of this book go to The Trevor Project and GLAAD, to help fight bullying in all its forms.

A lot of authors have come together for this anthology, they are:

Grace R Duncan

Tucker McCallahan

Perci T. Brooks

Carol Pedroso (Me 😀 )

Shane K. Morton

Maria Siopis

Vicktor Alexander

Mandi Ware

Helene Dupres

My story is called Fighting the Alpha, the Omega Way

Alpha Enforcer Gerard Gilbertson is sent in to investigate Alpha Kief Freaton and his pack. But, what he finds is both good and bad.

The good is he finds…

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Epiphany Gift to the Poetry Lovers… 😊


Hello guys,

As you guys already know I have published two poetry books on Amazon Kindle named ‘April Tulips’. Now, on the occasion of Epiphany, I wanted to gift this series to who ever interested in. So on 7th January, 2018 (today) and 8 January, 2018 (tomorrow)  the series is going to be live to purchase for free.

So guys grab the chance. Purchase them. Read them. And don’t forget to give a rating review. Here are the links for them both…

Enjoy reading them…

Book Review – Summer Tulips by Emi GS #Preview #Review #helping a friend

Thanks for another surprise Caz. I love you so much for this… 🙂

Carol Pedroso - Author

My friend Emi has published a poetry book on Amazon and entered it into their self-published book competition. Please help him by borrowing this book on KU, buying it on Amazon, and leaving a rating review on site as well. If you click on the buy link it will take you to the site local to your country (or so I’ve been told).

My Review

This is a collection of poems centered around the MM genre. They were written as part of the National Poetry Month. The range of subjects and style give a good overview of the author’s talent. Each poem has an introduction telling the reader about what the poetry prompt was for that day and a brief explanation of the meaning behind the poem.

It is a great collection and well worth a read. As already stated it is FREE on KU and any ratings and reviews posted to Amazon will help Emi in…

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Published a Poetry Book for Kindle competition

Hello everyone, it’s me again.

It’s been months I have updated anything in here. Actually I was busy with my new book of poetry. Completing it has been my first priority and I was only active on my favourite site GA.

Coming to the book, it is another NaPoWriMo book for the year 2017. It not only holds the collection of thirty plus poems, it also contains the story of an emotional journey of the author throughout the month. It’s a poetry come autobiographical book and also contains a brief description of the poetry forms used by author, in his better understanding.

Coming to the Kindle competition, it is conducting an eBook competition named ‘Pen to Publish 2017’. One book entry for a Kindle author. It is providing the book for free to all the Kindle Unlimited members and it is also giving the free samples as well. The judgement will be based on purchases, borrows, readings, reviews and rating. As it has finished it’s deadline, the competition will go on until Dec 9, 2017. Winners will be declared on Jan 10, 2018.

This book is for the poetry lovers, Poets themselves, the ones who are curious to know about the emotional life of others, readers and every mature being who can think with a broad mind.

This book costs only $ 2.99 and free for all Kindle Unlimited members. You can also borrow a sample book.

All kinds of suggestions, comments and reviews are welcome, but be kind with me. And don’t forget to rate it. Share what ever you feel, definitely.

April 3 : Lost Love

Actually I was following the prompts provided by one of my friend. So I’ll be posting most poems out of, as well as I was not going to post all my poems here, I am saving some poems to be published in my book “April Tulips 2017”.  So I hope you guys will enjoy whatever and whenever I post something.

Today, I am going to share the poem I had written for the prompt provided at Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Prompt : Today I’d like to challenge you to write an elegy – a poem that mourns or honors someone dead or something gone by. And I’d like to ask you to center the elegy on an unusual fact about the person or thing being mourned.

I was a free and sullen lad. 
Until he barge into my life
Love is the curse of my Fate’s strife
As our tale turn into a traid

At first it’s just the two of us
We look, fight, and hug each other
We nibble, and kiss in smother
On major shots we both just schuss

It started as the less we talk
On daft reasons we start to fight
Our egos ignored who was right
Never knew, when, ship left the dock

New ones there, all along with him
But one I see, who might be threat
I am not sure, not just yet
Until I see their lips get prim

It’s not just then; he, at last, swore
As I became a mournful dove
I lost the one person I love
to the one he has fallen for

April 1 : Begin

Here is the first poem for NaPoWriMo from my side. It’s somewhat personal and was dedicated to my dad on his retirement and birthday. Love you Pappa…

Prompt : Let your first April poem be somehow about beginning…


A new era
An achievement attained
Both the happiness and tears flood

A new journey
A rindle accomplished
Both the problems and tensions gone

A new pursuit
A legacy appeased
Both the composure and peace set

A new aspect
With promises and love
Happy retirement and birthday

Paperback’s Here

If Reading Digital Is Not Your Type And You Are More Like A ‘A Book In Hand With Coffee Mug’ Type, Here Is The Paperback Version Of My Poetry Book…

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